And they’re banking that by the time spring summer 2011 comes

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This season they seemed to be jettisoning the man baggery in favor of blousy, technical looking pockets. The man of 2011 is on the move, but he’s unencumbered and pared back. He’s got no baggage of any kind.There were some head scratching moments: notably an Emporio Armani collection that was reptilian, dark and brooding, including crocodile scales and a Lady Gaga music video clip cameo in advance of the jack booted backup dancer costumes (everyone but the Lady G herself was dressed in Emporio Armani in her “Alejandro” video).But even if you question the potential luxury consumer appetite for a rockabilly themed Versace collection, or D aloha print shirts, it’s hard not to look at those collections metallic fringe and eye bending optical prints among the former Replica Handbags, picnic blanket prints and Johnny Depp’s photo circa “Cry Baby” among the latter without thinking the designers are eager to inject a little fun back into men’s fashion again.And they’re banking that by the time spring summer 2011 comes around, guys will see the light too..

Prada Bags Replica But the weirdest thing of all is the giant shopping emporium they have built, the one you have to go through to access the Olympic site the Exit Through The Gift Shop strategy taken to a colossal extreme. Where once there stood crumbling houses and dingy pound shops, there is now the biggest indoor shopping mall in Europe. Instead of East End barrow boys hoarsely shouting ‘pahnd a bananas’, there is now Prada Prada Bags Replica.


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